Mollye LevyTreatment Specialties & Clinical Interests: I work with men and women in all stages of adulthood who wish to improve themselves or change their lives. Sometimes, this means overcoming specific obstacles, such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, or difficulties with relationships, including forming or maintaining meaningful connections, managing conflict, and recovering from the loss of a significant relationship. Other times, the goal is less identifiable. People may have a sense of emptiness or feel unfulfilled, yet they may have trouble putting their finger on what they would like to change.

Regardless of what brings them to therapy, I believe that meaningful change begins with a fuller understanding of oneself. I am interested in helping my clients identify and explore the feelings that underlie their anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, unhelpful behaviors or other challenges they face. I like to help people understand how their past and present experiences continually shape their feelings, sense of self, behavior patterns, bonds with others, and major life decisions.

Clinical Approach: I believe that the connection forged in therapy shapes and powers change. A strong and trusting therapeutic relationship fosters openness, honesty, introspection, discovery and self-expression. I approach each person thoughtfully, inquisitively and collaboratively, inviting mutual curiosity and exploration. I strive to build a partnership with my clients that will ultimately enable them to experience and express themselves in new and different ways, paving the way for meaningful and long-term change.

It is a privilege to know the people with whom I work and to help them know themselves better. Like the individual, every relationship and therapeutic process is unique. I am continuously learning from and changed by each person. I also find that my personal and professional experiences and continued pursuit of self- knowledge further equip me to help others navigate their own paths toward insight and change.

Education: I hold a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In my doctoral dissertation, I closely examined the ways in which psychological and social factors together and separately influence different aspects of development across the lifespan. I have experience providing psychotherapy to adults and conducting psychological evaluations to assess a broad range of concerns. I have also participated in a multi- year symposium exploring multicultural competence in professional practice, among other enriching pursuits that lie outside of the everyday clinical setting. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cornell University.

Personal Interests: Spending time with family, friends and my dog, exploring different parts of Chicago, exercising, listening to music and reading are just a few of the things I enjoy in my spare time.

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